Elijah Berle demands the best skate shoe in the world. So when we teamed up with him to create his first signature model, TheBerle Pro, we took cues from Elijah’s skating and set out to break the mold of what is possible. By combining to internal sockliner, built-in cushioning, and the gum rubber outsole, we developed the all new and first of its kindWaffleControlbottom unit. With less moving parts and less between your foot and the board you will have more control and more boardfeel. Add that to our classic gum rubber compound for less slip and more grip and put it under a classic yet sleek designed upper and you have the best skate shoe ever made. TheBerlePro featuring WaffleControl technology. Less. The New More.


Another first of its kind in skateboard footwear technology. By decreasing the number of individual parts separating the foot from the board, Vans’ breakthrough WaffleControltechnology delivers next level board control, responsiveness and built-in cushioning to further push the boundaries of skate progression. Less Parts. More Command. Less Slip. More Grip. Less. The New More.
Built in cushioning. Less Parts. More Control.

Vans WaffleControl
Built in cushioning. Less Parts. More Control.