Vans Snowboarding Presents Arctic Roses

January 26, 2023
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A short snow and surf film featuring Vans’ Arthur Longo, Bryan Iguchi, Wolle Nyvelt, Enni Rukajärvi and more

Vans Snowboarding is proud to present Arctic Roses, a short film by Alex Tank and Willem Jones, featuring team riders Alek Oestreng, Arthur Longo, Bryan Iguchi, Enni Rukajärvi, Rene Rinnekangas, Severin van der Meer and Wolle Nyvelt.

There’s not too many places on this planet that could provide good snowboard terrain and good surf but the Norwegian coastline is one of them. The Arctic truly sounded like the last frontier, so the team made two epics trips for an expedition on and off land, merging the worlds of snowboarding and surfing.

While searching for “Arctic Roses”, a metaphor of the quest the crew went on for good snow and good waves, we wanted to reinforce the connection we have with the elements, either on the mountains or in the ocean. A splitboard approach combined with cold water surfing took the team out of their comfort zone but chasing these extraordinary surroundings with such a strong crew, including legen ds like Bryan Iguchi and Wolle Nyvelt and younger faces like Sevi and Arthur, made it all worth it.


The landscapes that the mighty Norwegian coastline provided were of epic proportions. It’s a place where the mountains literally drop into the sea so it was the perfect location to showcase how intertwined snowboarding and surfing are and the versatility of our team riders. The team started off their adventure in the Lofoten islands, moved on to the Lyngen Alpes and ended the trip in Riksgrensen during their annual bank slalom – getting to ride the quarterpipe under the midnight sun to wrap up the full Arctic experience was the icing on the cake.


In addition to the film, Vans recently released the Infuse by Arthur Longo and the Verse by Bryan Iguchi, two new signature colourways from the two legendary riders. The boots are available now at, in-store and at select snow retailers.

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Alek Oestreng
Arthur Longo
Bryan Iguchi
Enni Rukajärvi
Rene Rinnekangas
Severin van der Meer
Wolle Nyvelt

Filmed and Edited By:

Alex Tank
Willem Jones


Matt Georges