Premium Workwear Styles Upgraded with Performance Innovation For Skateboarding

Building upon the success of veteran Vans pro skateboarder Geoff Rowley’s signature apparel collection debut in 2015, the classic workwear-inspired line returns with an expanded assortment this October. Available now, Vans’ new Geoff Rowley offering is purpose-built for skateboarding, upgraded with innovation to improve skate performance without compromising Geoff’s outstanding raw style.

The Rowley signature collection is perfect for the winter transition, incorporating premium wool blends across a classic flannel shirt jacket, a heavyweight fleece hoodie, assorted pocket tees, and rounded out by a timeless nylon, water-resistant coaches jacket. The final complement to the apparel collection highlights four new colors of the revolutionary Vans Pro Skate shoe, the [Rowley] Solos, featuring DURACAP reinforced uppers, Ultracush HD high-impact polyurethane cushioning, and Vans’ original waffle outsole, outfitted in natural canvas, wool and suede uppers for a stylish seasonal aesthetic.

The expanded Vans Geoff Rowley Signature Footwear and Apparel Collection is available now.

Visit to find the nearest authorized Vans Pro Skate dealer and to learn more about the performance features built in Geoff Rowley’s signature Vans collection.


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