A Vans Europe snowboarding short film

Vans First Layer


Stabio, Switzerland (October 18, 2018) - Vans Europe proudly announces the official release of FIRST LAYER SWITZERLAND, the brand’s fourth installment of a unique photographic project accompanied by a snowboarding short film series. Returning to European roots following previous trips to Japan and Russia, Vans Europe embarked on an adventure to one of the most absurd snowboarding terrains the continent has to offer, a small country with strong cultural identity and remarkable mountains; Switzerland.

Vans First Layer

Vans Europe’s FIRST LAYER SWITZERLAND short film epitomizes the diverse nature of the Swiss Alps from deep valleys to mind blowing sunsets across unique landscapes. A rider’s paradise with countless hidden spots, the Vans Europe snow team discovered a plethora of them across Switzerland’s mountain range, each one delivering diverse interpretations and creativity in how they approached each line. With parts from some of Vans leading snowboarders such as Arthur Longo, Victor De Le Rue, Markus Keller, Alek Oestreng, Nils Arvidsson, Enni Rukajarvi, Benny Urban, Sparrow Knox and Valérian Ducourtil, FIRST LAYER SWITZERLAND truly encapsulates the essence of snowboarding in Europe.

Vans First Layer

“It felt amazing to be involved in this iconic short film series, FIRST LAYER SWITZERLAND, alongside so many inspiring snowboarders,” exclaims Vans Europe snow team rider Enni Rukajarvi. “I’m excited for the rest of Europe and beyond to see what we’ve been up to as a team.”

“Crazy storms and high winds throughout last season weren’t enough to stop the snow team from collectively delivering a great project,” asserts Vans Europe snow team manager Bruno Rivoire. “It was a fantastic experience to visit some of the untapped landscapes that Switzerland and the Alps had to offer.”

Vans First Layer

“I loved the trip, I loved spending time with everyone in the crew, and I loved getting to know Switzerland a little better.” states Vans Global team rider Arthur Longo

Vans First Layer

To accompany the launch of the short film, Matt Georges has produced an exclusive limited-edition book and newspaper print, highlighting the most exciting moments from the trip. The newspaper will be available in select Vans stores across Europe.


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