November 9, 2022 | SNOW

Vans Snowboarding Presents It’s Love

A short film created by Tanner Pendleton and featuring Vans’ Cole Navin, Kennedi Deck and more.

It's Love Snow

It's Love Snow

Vans Snowboarding is proud to present, It’s Love, a short film directed by Tanner Pendleton that features team rider Cole Navin, as well as Parker Szumoski, Kennedi Deck, and a talented roster of additional riders.

Some of Vans most creative and influential athletes, including Navin, Szumoski, and Deck, as well as Jill Perkins, Jake Kuzyk and Dan Lideahl, are captured in super 16mm for this short film shot in Ohio, Utah, and Iceland. The result is a medley of top-notch snowboarding, adventure, and community togetherness that serves as a reminder of why we started snowboarding in the first place.

Director Tanner Pendleton’s goal in creating It’s Love was to show the audience the charm of snowboarding without a camera around. The short film is meant to capture the spontaneity and adventure that comes from riding with friends, with no agenda or expectations. Drawing inspiration from this, Vans and Pendleton deliver a sense of community and togetherness that only snowboarding can bring.

By implementing unique filming techniques, Pendleton drives this feeling home with a focus on documenting things as they happen, giving the viewer a sense of being along for the journey themselves.

The riders featured in It’s Love are more than just snowboarders—they are artists, musicians, and connoisseurs of culture. This project serves as a true extension of their far-reaching creative pursuits and stays true to what brought them together in the first place: the love of sliding sideways on snow.

In addition to the film, Vans and Cole recently released the Hi-Standard Pro by Cole Navin, a snowboard boot born in the mountains and shaped by the city. Designed to transition seamlessly from day-to-night riding with reflective qualities that lend perfectly to the energy of the city when it comes alive after dark, the Hi-Standard Pro by Cole Navin is now available at

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